Projects that Feature Music by Mazedude

Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to be able to contribute to an extensive and diverse collection of projects. From albums to video games, click below to learn more and to listen!

"Earworm Jam"
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An album of remixes from Earthworm Jim 1 and 2, celebrating 30 years of EWJ music, with original themes by Tommy Tallarico
"Words and Verses: a Biblical Music Project"
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Christopher Getman takes Bibles verses and translates them into new, original musical compositions. Bible-based music, heading to Kickstarter in 2020.
"MazeQuest 3 Original Soundtrack"
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Western music with 9-bit chiptune fusion, originally composed by Christopher Getman for the MazeQuest 3 original soundtrack. With zyko on guitar!
"MazeQuest 2 Original Soundtrack"
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Including orchestral, bonus, and chiptune tracks, the MazeQuest 2 Original Soundtrack represents the first full length game soundtrack composed by Mazedude
"Tangledeep ~Arrange~"
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I'm pleased to have a track on the official remix album for Tangledeep, Tangledeep ~Arrange~ by Overclocked Records, honoring the soundtrack by Andrew 'Zircon' Aversa
"American Pixels"
Project Info
My epic American composer tribute album, the sequel to the 2005 American Album, honoring 14 American composers and feature 9 guest performers.
"Psychokinetic Part II"
Project Info
Via Fangamer, the Bad Dudes assembled an awesome collection of remixes from the Earthbound franchise. I only have one track, here on Part II, of Magicant.
"Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors"
Project Info
Part 2 of a series of albums by Overclocked Remix, Water features 9 tracks from Final Fantasy V. My contribution is a tracker-style homage to Mick Rippon.
"Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart"
Project Info
Another OCRemix Final Fantasy remix album, this project covers the music of Final Fantasy IX. My contribution is an exploration in the genre of trip-hop.
"For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man"
Project Info
Overlocked Remix and Capcom join together again for an official remix album; this one celebrates 25 years of awesome Mega Man music!
"Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin"
Project Info
OCRemix presents an arranged album from one of the most iconic Final Fantasy soundtracks, number 6. My contribution is a nod to the styles of Miles Davis.
"A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda"
Project Info
The Bad Dudes showcase a series of arrangements from Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Xenogears, honoring legendary composer Yasunori Mitsuda.
"Milkyway Wishes"
Project Info
An awesome collection of music from the world of Kirby Superstar; both of my contributions are explorations into electronic/ethnic fusion; enjoy!
"The 7th Guest: iPhone/iPad Version"
Project Info
The mobile release of the classic 7th Guest game from 1993 includes a special treat: a Mazedude remix in the end credits!
"Double the Trouble: DKC Remix Project"
Project Info
More Donkey Kong Country arranged goodness by Overclocked Remix. Emunator put it all together, and I was happy to participate with some tracker-esque work.
"Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run"
Project Info
Part 2 of an epic Metroid franchise remix project, assembled by Shinesparkers. I'm a big fan of the collection, and I'm proud of my MP2 Torvus Chips remix.
"Metroid Arrange 25th Anniversary Album"
Project Info
Metroid Arrange 25th Anniversary Album by the Bad Dudes; I have a few tracks on this one and all in all it's still one of my favorite Bad Dudes collections
"Wild Arms: ARMed and DANGerous"
Project Info
Overclocked Remix presents a collection of arrangements from Wild Arms. I have two tracks on here. Rather strange ones too. I never played the game.
"Badass: The Boss Themes Project"
Project Info
From the minds at Overclocked Remix, a collection of remixes of the boss themes. My contribution is an arrangement of Saren's theme from Mass Effect.
"Mega Man 9: Back in Blue"
Project Info
Overclocked Remix presents a remix album honoring the music of Mega Man 9. My contribution is a remix of the Maze of Death theme in Ennio Morricone style.
"Star Spangled Chips"
Project Info
A small 4-track EP of progressive chiptunes, originally assembled as a bonus American remix collection for those who pre-ordered the American Pixels album.
"Harmony of a Hunter"
Project Info
Shinesparkers put together an awesome collection of Metroid music remixes. Me, I'd been wanting to arrange some Metroid Prime, so it was a good fit.
"The 7th Guest: Infection"
Project Info
By remixing The 7th Guest, I caught the attention of Trilobyte Games, and we became friends. When it came time for Infection, I was brought on as composer.
"Heroes Vs. Villains"
Project Info
Bad Dudes vs. Overclocked Remix, hero themes vs. villain themes, talented musicians pitted against each other to see who can outdo the other... awesome!
"Serious Monkey Business: DKC2 Remix"
Project Info
Another compilation by Overclocked Remix, Serious Monkey Business takes the themes from Donkey Kong Country 2 and breathes new life into them. Awesome.
"Jingle All the Way"
Project Info
A Mazedude concept; Bad Dudes explore the tiny game jingles (got an item, finished a level, saved the game, etc.) and see where we can take them musically!
Project Info
From the Bad Dudes, an epic Chrono Trigger arranged album. While much of the album is some sort of electronic funk or jazz fusion, I was the oddball again.
"Final Fantasy IV: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption"
Project Info
Overclocked Remix tackles Final Fantasy IV (probably my favorite FF soundtrack). My contribution is a sine wave rendition of the quintessential town theme.
"Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix"
Project Info
The official soundtrack to Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix; a joint effort between Overclocked Remix and Capcom. My classic Sagat's Moonbike made the cut.
"Castlevania SOTN: Resurrection"
Project Info
A Joshua Morse and Diggi Dis-fueled project, the Bad Dudes took themes from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and gave them each a new sound.
"Thai Guy"
Project Info
The question - is it possible to make an awesome remix album... based around a single theme? The Bad Dudes answer with Thai Guy, covering Sagat's theme.
"Doom II: Delta-Q-Delta"
Project Info
Overclocked Remix put together a Doom 2 remix album; of course I was going to get in on that! Say hello to three more Doom 2 remixes by yours truly.
"Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch"
Project Info
I was invited into Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch, a Super Mario RPG remix project, and deliberately chose a very goofy original to arrange for it.
"No Balls, No Glory"
Project Info
The Bad Dudes arrange the themes from Super Dodge Ball. Mustin directed the album so that countries were assigned per dude per ethnicity. Me, I got USA.
"Zombies Rocked My Neighbors"
Project Info
The 2nd EP by the Bad Dudes, this collection was designed to be Halloween-esque remixes. I had fun taking a Psychonauts track and making it all creepy.
"Bad Dudes EP #1"
Project Info
This free release is the very first EP released under the 'Bad Dudes' designation. Mustin brought us together, and we've been releasing albums every since.
"Earthworm Jim Anthology"
Project Info
Tommy Tallarico put together a collection of original and arranged music from Earthworm Jim, and asked to include my remixes from the American Album.
"The American Album"
Project Info
The flagship Mazedude remix project, The American Album pays tribute to American game composers by way of arrangements in a variety of genres.
"Bound Together: Rebound"
Project Info
Joe Cam assembled a really awesome collection of remixers to arrange the music from Earthbound; the Rebound title is an album re-release with more tracks.
"Project Majestic Mix: Squaredance"
Project Info
Way back in the early days of vgm remixing, via Project Majestic Mix, Squaredance was crafted to showcase Final Fantasy music via dance arrangements.
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