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Words and Verses: a Biblical Music Project by Mazedude
Words and Verses: a Biblical Music Project Cover

Words and Verses: a Biblical Music Project



Words and Verses is what I call “a Biblical Music Project.” The idea is this: take a verse from the Holy Bible and craft a composition that represents it. The concept was given to me in 2015, was officially started in late 2018 (after the completion of American Pixels and my first MazeQuest soundtrack), and in 2020 it’s going to be heading to Kickstarter for funding. (The project website was also launched in 2020; please visit it to learn more:

To elaborate, the vision is to musically compose material that represents verses that are abstract and thematic in nature. Biblical principles such as faith, forgiveness, abundance, power, joy, peace, love, and much more are to be explored, as they are expressed in the verses that have been selected. What I don’t want to have happen is for the music to sound as though it’s the soundtrack to a non-existent Bible movie. This isn’t supposed to sound like music that mimics the Passion of the Christ soundtrack (by John Debney), or something that could accompany a Sight and Sound performance. Rather, the music is to be complex and intricate, diving deep into what these Biblical themes mean on a variety of levels. Granted, this takes the project to a whole new level of complexity and challenge, but, well, I’ve never been one to shy from a challenge.

Originally, the idea was that this was going to be a single album, crafted by me in some form of electronic/classical fusion. However, the more the idea was explored, the bigger it got. For example, the notion that multiple versions of the same music could be developed. What if the pieces were drafted in chiptune form, for sake of truly ironing out the melodies, harmonies, etc.? To that end, a chiptune rendition of the material could be a stand-alone album. What if, after the instrumental version is developed, there are nuggets that could then be developed into fully realized vocal pieces, in essence converted into worship songs? What if a reading/meditation version of the music is developed, purely for the sake of getting into the zone of Bible study? What about a piano solo rendering, complete with sheet music? What if future albums on a variety of specific Bible themes are crafted by not just one, but several composers? The possibilities are endless, and really, the support and funding achieved via Kickstarter will determine just how far it can go.

So, it’s not VGM, but it’s an original idea that I, Christopher Lee Getman, intend to achieve to the best of my ability. My belief has always been that if an idea sticks and doesn’t let go, then you are meant to pursue it. And if this idea is truly from God, then it will be a success.

Please take a few minutes to explore the official Words and Verses website to learn more, and if interested, to subscribe or pre-order so that the Kickstarter campaign can be a success. Thank you!

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