Bio of Christopher "Mazedude" Getman

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To answer the frequently asked question of where the handle "Mazedude" came from, I'll tell you. As a teenager, I got really into creating puzzles, of all types. Wordsearches, crossword puzzles, etc. However, my favorite to create was mazes, by far. I even developed a reputation in junior high for making specialized mazes for my classmates.

In the same era, the online age emerged, even though it was in its infancy. Before the Internet as we know it, even before AOL and other larger platforms, there were local BBS systems. Dial in with your modem, share some basic files, etc. I joined this world with the name Mazeman. It was here that I was introduced to the art form of tracking, and fell in love with it.

Fast-forward, not very long, and AOL hit the scene. My parents got it for the house, and guess what? The name Mazeman was taken, by a guy who actually builds full-size, real life mazes. So, I took on the nickname of my nickname, "Mazedude." (Thanks to Dan Holden for that.)

Long story short, Mazedude became my handle as I entered the tracking scene, as I entered the video game music remixing scene, and even as I entered the workforce, years later. "Mazedude Productions" was my self-employed endeavor from 2003 through 2013, and in that time I did everything from music production to video editing to acting, stunt work, and more. Over time, web design/programming became the real bread and butter, and that eventually became the focus, as my other skills were shuffled to the background, so to speak. In 2013, I made the shift from self-employed freelance work to the corporate world, as I assumed the mantle of being the web developer for EarQ. (As I write this, I am there still, providing high-end websites to the world of audiology and hearing healthcare.)

These days, I lead the family (I have a daughter now), I'm active in my church (Abundant Life Christian Center, in Syracuse, NY), EarQ keeps me busy... and I still make music, as time permits. I always have a concept or project in the works, and I'm open to contributing to unique and awesome projects as they arise. So if you think I'd be a good fit for your project, let me know!

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