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Now, this section isn't about me feeding my ego. Rather, it's one of those quirks where, well, this is my website, so as you read on, there's going to be a bit of me, talking and writing about myself. A tricky thing to do with humility, you know? So, a press section allows me the chance to share what other people are saying. Whether the piece is on an album, a game, or any other project I'm working on, this is where I can share some links for your reading pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

SML Podcast Interview
The legendary Joe Cam had me on the SML Podcast to discuss music, specifically the Words and Verses Project
Words and Verses Interview on CNY Alive
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The Syracuse-based CNY Alive publication interviewed me about the Words and Verses Project
MQ3 on Radio64 Video Game Music Remix Radio
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The Main Title theme from MazeQuest 3's soundtrack has been featured, check it out!
Local Buzz for Game Music Composition
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The Syracuse New Times was interested in the fact that a gamer since childhood is now a game music composer. Cool!
American Pixels wins a SAMMY!
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My humble remix project was awarded the best electronic album of the year in Syracuse. Awesome.
SAMMYS Buzz on
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More notable mention in Syracuse for the (nominated) best (local) albums of the year. Buzz buzz. :)
Syracuse Area Music Awards
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American Pixels has been nominated for Best Electronica in my hometown of Syracuse!
Mazedude on VerticalSlice Podcast
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I was honored recently to be a guest on the VerticalSlice podcast, discussing the American Pixels album, Kickstarter, and game music in general, among a variety of other topics. Enjoy!
Syracuse New Times Article
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I had the privilege of being honored in my hometown for my work on American Pixels. The city of Syracuse was put on the map for video game music, so to speak. It's a good read and it feels good to be acknowledged outside the usual channels.
Album Release Announcement by VGMO
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VGMO has been a supporter of the project since it landed on Kickstarter; this link is their announcement of the album's release. Thanks guys!
A Nod from Destructoid
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Nice to see a nod from the infamous Destructoid; thanks for the mention!
Album Release Announcement from The Gaming Ground
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These guys in Sweden took a few minutes to post about my American project; gotta say, that's pretty cool.
Album Release Announcement from Original Sound Version
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I've known OSV since its inception, but rarely have I had a solo project make it to the pages. Thanks OSV for the shout-out, and thanks for your support during the Kickstarter campaign.
Metroid Arrange Album Review
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OSV provides a detailed review on the Bad Dudes' Metroid anniversary arranged album.
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