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* 3/2/2018 - Update! On March 2nd, 2018, American Pixels received the SAMMY Award for "Best Electronica" album by the Syracuse Area Music Awards. I'm blessed in that I was was able to use the experience to showcase the awesomeness of video game music—and the coolness of classical/electronic fusion—with not only my hometown, but also with a whole new audience. To learn more, visit:

About American Pixels

American Pixels is my opus. Started in 2011 and finally released in 2017, the album honors 14 American game composers by way of remix, features 9 guest soloists, and also serves as a sequel to the original American Album released in 2005. Who are the composers, you ask? This time around, the following musicians all get a tribute:

  • Jeremy Soule
  • Jimmy Hinson
  • Tommy Tallarico
  • Jake Kaufman
  • Jason Graves
  • Jared Emerson-Johnson
  • George Alistair Sanger (The Fat Man)
  • Gerard K. Marino
  • Peter McConnell
  • Ron Fish
  • Dave Govett
  • Jack Wall
  • Garry Schyman
  • Matt Uelmen

(Via various bonus tracks and such we also have nods to Alexander Brandon, Howard Drossin, and Aubrey Hodges, as part of the overall project mission.)

This project is something special to me. You may know, if you're familiar with my work, that there are a variety of things I often set out to do with a single remix. A single track could be nostalgic to me for personal reasons, at the same time pay a stylistic homage to an oldschool tracker, at the same time honor a composer's request, at the same time serve to tackle a particular genre fusion I've never done before, at the same time feature a performer who I've been wanting to work with for a long time... and so on.

With this album, I have a story like that for just about every single track. Virtuoso classical instrument performances fused with electronics, unique special requests from the composers, solos performed by guests ranging from old college buddies to local legends, and much more. Combine that with the Kickstarter angle, the associated pledges and rewards, the commissions and bonus tracks, and the scope of the project expands even further.

This is also the first album I've ever taken all the way with professional mixing and mastering services (provided by Subcat Studios in Syracuse, NY), official licensing of the material, CD duplication, and full-on distribution through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, and Amazon. It's a bucket-list thing for me, but it was also an opportunity to really challenge myself, and push to make the best music I've ever written. I'm very pleased with the end result, and I truly hope you enjoy it as well.

To go back in time and review the Kickstarter campaign for the endeavor, click here. I've also included the "special thanks" contributors list here. Otherwise, carry on and click below to listen, or click one of the options above to secure your copy!

Tracks from this Project

"Dragonborn Concerto"
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"Liquid Tribes"
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"Aurelia for Trombone"
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"Switch Force Ballad"
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"Agent Sprawl"
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"Purple Streets"
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"Maniac Muzak"
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"Metropolis for Guitar"
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"Primal Clayface"
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"Bernard Electric"
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"Transponder Mission"
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"Big Sister Matti"
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"Tristram in Flames"
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Project Press

American Pixels wins a SAMMY!
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My humble remix project was awarded the best electronic album of the year in Syracuse. Awesome.
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More notable mention in Syracuse for the (nominated) best (local) albums of the year. Buzz buzz. :)
Syracuse Area Music Awards
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American Pixels has been nominated for Best Electronica in my hometown of Syracuse!
Mazedude on VerticalSlice Podcast
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I was honored recently to be a guest on the VerticalSlice podcast, discussing the American Pixels album, Kickstarter, and game music in general, among a variety of other topics. Enjoy!
Syracuse New Times Article
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I had the privilege of being honored in my hometown for my work on American Pixels. The city of Syracuse was put on the map for video game music, so to speak. It's a good read and it feels good to be acknowledged outside the usual channels.
Album Release Announcement by VGMO
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VGMO has been a supporter of the project since it landed on Kickstarter; this link is their announcement of the album's release. Thanks guys!
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Nice to see a nod from the infamous Destructoid; thanks for the mention!
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These guys in Sweden took a few minutes to post about my American project; gotta say, that's pretty cool.
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I've known OSV since its inception, but rarely have I had a solo project make it to the pages. Thanks OSV for the shout-out, and thanks for your support during the Kickstarter campaign.
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