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Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart



Occasionally I'll receive an invite to contribute to a remix album for a game that I'd never played, and also for a soundtrack that I'd never heard. That can be fun though; I can listen fresh with no attachments, no sense of the game context, no nostalgia to go with it, just pure and raw "here's some music, now imagine how you would reinterpret it."

Such is the case for Final Fantasy IX. I listened to various tracks from the original soundtrack, purely with an ear for genre. I listened with a mindset of "are there any new genres I'd like to explore, and if so, would remixing a track from this game be an ideal opportunity for that?"

As you'll discover, I found a match. The Fossil Roo track sounded perfect... for a stylistic homage to trip-hop artist DJ Krush.

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