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Heroes Vs. Villains
Heroes Vs. Villains Cover

Heroes Vs. Villains



Once upon a time, a discussion took place regarding the various albums and remix projects released by both the Bad Dudes and Overclocked Remix. The question was asked - could we do a project that involves both groups?

From there, the talk evolved to an idea of pairing up OCR folks with a corresponding Bad Dude, taking a notable game or franchise, and giving the OCRemix the hero theme and the Bad Dudes the villain theme to tackle. This way there's a good sense of balance, and an implied sense of competition in terms of who can kick more butt with their track.

Kunal Majmudar and I took the helm in terms of wrangling the musicians, and... boy. That was a challenge. It was also a lot of fun, and in many cases there was already a backstory between the matched up hero and villain remixer. The concept itself also really inspired everyone involved to step up their game and make something awesome, so the end result is pretty sweet, and I still go back and listen to it a lot.

Randall Drew was brought on board to do the artwork, and did a fantastic job. After some back and forth and brainstorming, we landed on the idea of doing an over-the-shoulder shot of the villains, leaning in on a group of heroes who have bonded together for the fight of the century. Awesome stuff. There's even a poster on the official site that you can download, should you feel so inclined.

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