"Hot Air Penguin"

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Kirby Superstar (SNES)Composer: Jun Ishikawa
Heroes Vs. Villains
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This one went through quite a bit of evolution. My first pass was a Miles Davis-esque jazz thing... which didn't quite work, so then I decided to do a genre I've rarely tackled: jungle jazz. And, it worked! Making it piano-centric was a strong point from the get-go (and I thank Bladiator for his input), and then the introduction of the trombone was something else I hadn't done in a long while. Yes, that's me playing... pretty rusty, I know. That, and the mix by Insert Rupee inspired me to get some 8-bit goodness going on there too, so... all in all it may be a tad bit messy, but still tons of fun in a chaotic way. I'm also a fan of the Kirby games, so the nostalgia there added to the experience.

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