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Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors



Truthfully, my experience with Final Fantasy V is a bit strange. I was only made aware that the game existed after MODs of classic SNES games came available in the late 90s, where I was introduced to the confusing concept that what I thought what Final Fantasy 2 was actually 4, what I thought was 3 was 6, and so on. The question was asked "isn't there a 5?," and in turn I was shown an emulation of FFV.

I enjoyed it, but not enough to beat it... those who have tried know it's different to play through a game on the computer than it is to have the console and controller in hand, so, yeah I never finished it. But, I will say that I enjoyed what I did play, and that includes the music. So, when the opportunity arose to contribute to OCR's FFV tribute, I didn't hesitate.

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