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Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin | OCR Arranged Album
Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin Cover

Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin



Here's an interesting story. For about a year following my college graduation, I lived and worked in NYC. (A couple summers between semesters I'd settled and worked there as well.) And for a time, I favored listening to a combined soundtrack CD of the music from Final Fantasies IV and VI during my drive up to the East side.

I tell ya, it was trippy listening to SNES music while watching pedestrians all around me walk around. When the town music played, I really felt transported as though I was above my car, watching the heads of townsfolk, going about their errands and such. It was surreal, and yet very peaceful, and made the drive through Manhattan very chill... which isn't the norm, that's for sure.

While on these drives, I distinctly remember getting a giddy silliness in me when I heard Slam Shuffle / Zozo's Theme. So when the opportunity came to contribute to this project via OCR, I knew from the start what track I wanted to tackle. It's an interesting form of nostalgia... I'm paying a nod to a period from my own life, rather than any memories from playing the game itself. Cool.

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