"Slam Davis"

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Final Fantasy VI (SNES)Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin
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From the moment I was invited into Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin, I knew I wanted to tackle this particular track above all others. But what style to try? I had a few ideas in mind... Indian fusion was one, but it didn't work so well. Another concept was to mimic Miles Davis in some sort of acid jazz, featuring live trumpet. Quite a difficult concept to grasp with a computer, but I went for it... and it was sounding good. But, to make it really work, I needed a real trumpet player. To my good fortune, I was introduced to an incredible professional trumpet player - Jeff Stockham - via the local (Syracuse, NY) jazz band ESP - and set a recording session, where thankfully, he understood EXACTLY what I was going for. The recording session was a blast, and I am thrilled with the result.

Incidentally, this preliminary recording session helped lock in a relationship that later led to the electric bass solo and marimba solo on American Pixels, since I knew I could count on the local talent. Nice to have some amazing musicians in your backyard, you know?

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