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Man, I tell ya, I love the evolution of how this whole game music thing has gone down. We started as kids, playing games, and loving the music. We grew up and fell into this weird subculture of hyper-fans who loved game music so much we decided to remix and arrange our own versions of it, and from that, a whole new subgenre of VG remixing was born.

Take things a step further. Some of us went on to become professional game music composers. Yes, I’m looking at you, Jake Kaufman, Kunal Majmudar, and Andrew Aversa. I even have a couple soundtracks under my belt, although as I type this in mid-2018 it doesn’t quite pay the bills just yet. Regardless, a passion become a career, and from it, several awesome soundtracks happened.

Next, more awesomeness ensued. Zircon proceed to found Impact Soundworks (an incredible resource for samples and beyond), and then, Impact Gameworks. In February of 2018, his 16-bot opus known as Tangledeep was officially released, after successful funding via Kickstarter.

If you haven’t seen the game... check it out.

If you haven’t heard the soundtrack... take a listen. Andrew managed to capture the SNES vibes and invoke the feelings from the Final Fantasy franchise and beyond, all while kicking it up a notch in terms of quality and production.

Me, well, I’m honored to have a remix on the arranged album, in which I pay tribute to my friend Andrew while also paying homage to Necros, famed tracker of the demoscene days. My remix on the album is a nod to Winter’s Dream, a very tracker-iffic tune by Necros that I felt compelled to pay homage to within this particular remix project.

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