Christopher "Mazedude" Getman

Composer for Video Games and Beyond

Welcome to the official website of composer Christopher "Mazedude" Getman. Here you can explore my vast collection of game remixes, a fun expression of my electronic tracker-heavy musical style(s). The remixes range from 2001 through 2018.

I've also been honored to compose original music for a few video games, including The 7th Guest: Infection, MazeQuest 2, and MazeQuest 3.

7th Guest: Infection, soundtrack cover MazeQuest Original Soundtrack cover MazeQuest 3 game soundtrack by Mazedude

Additionally, as of April 2020 I'm very pleased to be able to share my current album in development, an epic non-VGM project that I'm calling "Words and Verses." The premise is simple, but rather deep and complex at the same time: take a verse from the Bible, and compose what it represents. The plan is to take the first album in the project, Foundation, to Kickstarter towards the end of 2020. Currently the endeavor is open for subscriptions and pre-orders; please visit the official Words and Verses website to learn more.

What's New?

MQ3 on Radio64 Video Game Music Remix Radio
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The Main Title theme from MazeQuest 3's soundtrack has been featured, check it out!
New Project Unveiled
It has begun! I'm finally unveiling an epic project that I've had on the brain for years; now that it is in production, please take a few minutes and explore: Words and Verses, a Biblical Music Project.
New Soundtrack Release!
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I'm happy to share the completion of another original soundtrack, this time for the Western RPG MazeQuest 3!
New Site for Fellow Musician
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I still tinker in the web design space a little; check out the new site built for the ever-mysterious Catman Cohen! (And check out his albums too!)
21-Day Composition Challenge
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The task was to write something new every day, for 21 days. Challenge accepted, and completed. Listen to the tracks here.




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