"Tangerines for Moose"

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Earthworm Jim 2 (SNES)Composer: Tommy Tallarico
Earworm Jam
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Fun fact, in early 2024 I was looking at my list of tracker homages, checking out which trackers I had mimicked a lot over the years, and contrarily who I hadn't yet paid homage to, even though they had been a big source of inspiration as I was learning the art form. As part of a fun exercise I even started to map out what game themes I would choose to arrange as part of a stylistic tribute, keeping in theme with the game remix by way of tracker homage motif. Interestingly enough I landed on Anything but Tangerines from Earthworm Jim, as potential for a tracker homage to Tito, per his 1995 tune "Mooserun." (Note that Mooserun was darn impressive due to the insane amount of brass/sax/jazz samples used in the track, not a simple style to mimic by any means.) I loved the idea, but I put a pin in it... who knew when I would have time to explore such an idea.

Fast forward a couple months, and out of nowhere I get an email asking me to contribute to a remix album commemorating the 30th anniversary of Earthworm Jim, and would I like to make something for it. What timing! Enthusiastically I said yes, and could I claim the Tangerine theme from EWJ2 while I was at it. Sweet. Claimed. Then... I had to make it. Good gravy that was difficult. Tapping into the sampleset that Tito established... that was hard! Making it work for Anything but Tangerines and also nailing the original theme, the notes of the guitar solo, hitting the flow while keeping the funk style intact... yeah, that was difficult. But I did it. And I'm very proud of the final result. Behold, "Tangerines for Moose."

For fun, here's a video version w/ the tracker view included:

And for anyone who really wants to dissect it... click here to download the IT file.


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