Christopher "Mazedude" Getman

Video Game Musician

Hello friends! This home page will be getting some more love in the very near future; for the moment, I'm very happy to share that a full-length original soundtrack album by yours truly... is now available!

Check out the soundtrack on:

Play the game on Steam

Play the game on iOS (available on both iPhone and iPad)

Just an FYI, you'll still get the best price on Bandcamp.

What's New?

21-Day Composition Challenge
Listen Now
The task was to write something new every day, for 21 days. Challenge accepted, and completed. Listen to the tracks here.
American Pixels Physical CD Sale
Buy Now
I made too many physical CDs. Price has dropped to a mere $5 (plus S&H). Want one?
Local Buzz for Game Music Composition
Read More
The Syracuse New Times was interested in the fact that a gamer since childhood is now a game music composer. Cool!
New Soundtrack Release
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I'm happy to report that I've composed a complete original soundtrack for a new RPG! Check it out!
New Remix: "Tanglesleep"
Listen Now
Another tracker homage, and another chance to honor the music of a friend. I hope you enjoy my contribution to Tangledeep ~Arrange.




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