"Zapper’s Freedom"

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Riven: the Sequel to Myst (PC)Composer: Robyn Miller
The American Album
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Ah, Riven. A video game soundtrack based on about 3 chords. While a mostly ambient soundtrack, it did have a few tracks that really stood out. "Catherine's Freedom" is one of those tracks. Originally I was going to take the original idea and run with it, going all out with the harpsichord, pizzicati, and so on... but then when it came time to track it, I plugged in a bunch of samples from Zapper's "Late Shift," and the remix took on a life of it's own. This was another couple nights of craziness, pulling in ideas not only from Zapper, who I admire, but the great Quasian as well. Then I was having so much fun making it, I mingled in a few other themes from the game into the mix as well, including "Moeity."

Around this time, the Fall of 2005, they were doing construction on the roof of my condo in Tarzana, California. And they started early. Like, I'd be up until 3am making music, and then at 7am I'd wake up to the sounds of hammers, staples, drills, saws, and people banging around on my roof. Not fun. So one day I decided to whip out the microphone and record all the noise, directly from my window. I proceeded to then make a batch of honest industrial construction samples. If you listen carefully, you'll hear them in this piece. After all, when life gives ya lemons... well, you know the saying.

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