"Saren’s Prayer"

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Mass Effect (Xbox 360)Composer: Jack Wall
Badass: The Boss Themes Project
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I'm one of those guys who doesn't listen to the radio a lot. I don't care much for all the talking and commericals, and in my opinion the tracks generally featured are overplayed. Typically I'll have my MP3 collection along with me, listen to what I want, and enjoy my drive that way. However, for some reason one day I was flipping through the stations, trying to find something good... I think I was borrowing the wife's car or something... and I happened upon a very, very cool drum groove. And then... some chanting entered the scene. Considering this was a rock station, I was surprised, intrigued, and pulled in. Then the singing began, and... man, I was really digging both the track and the style of music. Turns out it was a new (at the time) track by Sully Erna entitled "Sinner's Prayer," from his album "Avalon." It wasn't long before I went and got the whole album, and fell in love with it.

Not long after, I was invited into the BadAss Boss Themes remix project by Overclocked ReMix. I pretty much said yes right away, considering I have a knack for arranging those types of themes. I'd also been wanting to do a Mass Effect arrangement, as I was a fan of the soundtrack (even though I never got into the game itself). For the style, I figured I'd craft the track in a stylistic homage to Sinner's Prayer, and the end result is what you hear here. That, and some added celtic elements that, I dunno, they just felt right. Sadly I don't have any epic chanting in my rendition, but it's turned out to be a fairly popular track regardless.

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