"Roll the Bones"

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Grim Fandango (PC)Composer: Peter McConnell
Star Spangled Chips
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Grim Fandango! A favorite classic LucasArts adventure game on the PC. And I loved those games (in case it isn't obvious from my tentative tracklist there). And Peter McConnell is the man when it comes to these games that allow him to explore all genres from jazz ensemble, to big band, to swanky, to... Indian, anyone?

The score to Grim Fandango is incredible, and I've remixed it already a few times... but oddly enough, my tracks have covered the wackier stuff from the score, like the Klezmer-inspired Bone Wagon theme, or the ethnic Enlightened Florist track. This time around, I wanted to actually hit up some of the jazzier side of the score, since there's so much of it. So, this remix covers (and mixes) two themes: Casino Calavera and Hector Steps Out. The arrangement is progressive chip turned synth funk, and man... this one was FUN.

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