"Myst Shrooms"

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Myst (PC)Composer: Robyn Miller
The American Album
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Ya know, it actually took me a very long time to figure out how I was going to remix the Myst music. Originally I was going to make a few separate mixes from the different themes, in varying styles. The main title music was going to be some cool orchestral synth fusion, the Sirrus theme was going to be Reich-esque "Music for 18 Instruments" minimalist work, and so on. But none of the ideas sounded right. First of all, the themes are short, and secondly, they are quite ambient, weaving melodic bits and phrases throughout a lush soundscape.

Then one day it clicked. What style could I write, that is absolutely perfect for weaving around oodles of melodic phrases, doesn't need to have incredible rhythmic accuracy, and could encapsulate several game themes if necessary? Acid jazz, of course!

So away I went, and after a couple of sleepless nights amidst the insanity of insomnia, I made this puppy.

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