"K-Pax for Evermore"

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Secret of Evermore (SNES)Composer: Jeremy Soule
The American Album
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Okay. If you haven't heard the soundtrack to the feature film "K-Pax," by Edward Shearmur, you are missing out. It is awesome. It sucked me in from the moment I put in the DVD, and I daresay it dwarfs the movie in coolness. Shearmur's blending of piano, mallet instruments, pads, and groovy electronic percussion is just so friggin' cool.

When first listening to the Secret of Evermore soundtrack by Jeremy Soule, I knew I wanted to remix this track in emulation of the K-Pax style. It just made sense to me.

It was actually very hard to do. It took me several tries to get started. I just couldn't settle on the right samples... but I stuck with it, and kept trying. Eventually I got a flow going, and then I ran with it. I even took it in directions that Shearmur didn't go, mingling in screaming synth leads, Reichian minimalist sections, and even a bit of Michael Manring electric bass influence. The end result is a soothing yet kickass remix of a great song. I'm quite proud of this one.

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