"Keyz to New Junk City"

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Earthworm Jim (SNES)Composer: Tommy Tallarico
The American Album
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Now, everyone knows I'm a tracker at heart. I don't buy the fancy keyboards, and I don't go all out with having a ridiculous library of expensive gigasamples. However, once in a long while, I'll buy a sample CD, just for kicks. One day, while cruising around Ilio, I came across a sampleset entitled "Keys to the City." The audio samples were pretty damn cool, the quality stood out from the other samples I had, and I'd been itching to get some new sounds, so I bought the thing. Sadly, I was very disappointed when I finally got it. The clips in WAV format sounded exactly like the audio samples, like, already completely sequenced. There was very little I could actually use, apart from chopping up and re-looping all the sounds myself.

But, it'd be a waste of money not to use them, so I went ahead and chopped up the ones I liked. Then I used them in this remix, giving it a new age kinda electronic jazz fusion sound. I also mingled in some scat vocals from my friend Amanda, a little bit of my own voice, a touch of Virgill percussion, and here it is.

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