"Jackrabbit Transformer"

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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (PC)Composer: Alexander Brandon
The American Album
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When discussing the concept of this album with various friends and colleagues, I had a number of people request that at least one of my tracks be decidedly patriotic sounding. Not only would it coincide with the title of the album, but it would also show respect and appreciation to our American soldiers overseas and around the world. This track honors that request, and I believe makes a suitable opening to the album.

Simultaneously, not only am I tributing an original game composition by Alexander Brandon, but I am also tributing his tracking style, via fusion with the orchestral. Elements of his pieces (released under the "Siren" handle) Universe Electric, Carpe Diem, and more are weaved throughout the mix.

I know it may be a bit on the long side - I almost ended it after the orchestral bit at 5 minutes... but couldn't resist climaxing it just one more time in full synthy splendor, complete with a key change.

Sometimes when making a mix, I'll put on a movie in the background, just to help pass the time. For this mix, I was trying to find a movie that had a very patriotic American feel to it. Guess which movie I picked? That's right. Rocky IV.

*** 2017 Update - years after crafting this homage, I finally had a chance to meet and hang out with Alexander Brandon in person. Over drinks during a MAGFest after-party, we sat and talked about the glory days of tracking, among many other things. Good times.

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