"Exiled Samples"

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Myst 3: Exile (PC)Composer: Jack Wall
The American Album
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So, basically, the soundtrack to "Myst 3: Exile" is amazing. Orchestra, choir, world instruments, solo vocalists... just amazing. And I had to make a remix of the theme for this album. The big question is... how? How can I, with my tools, compete with that? Well, by going backwards, of course! I'll take this really high quality, yet musically simple theme, and reverse it into a rather low quality, yet ridiculously intricate and complex remix. Yeah, that's it.

In so doing, I used the opportunity to revive an old tracker trick: importing non-music files into the program and trying to make music with them. It's true - by importing TXT files, EXE files, FNT files, and whatever, the main result is usually a painful blast of garbage noise. However, once in a while you can find a pitch amongst the noise. Then, if you are very crafty, and pay extreme attention to detail, you can actually make music with this noise.

I used this trick in an old remix of mine entitled Cyborg Blobby," and I've had a surprisingly large amount of people request that I do more in that style. Making it work with something as massive and epic sounding as the theme to "Exile" was very, very challenging. Furthermore, the original theme is a full 5 minutes long, spanning various tempos, orchestrations, and really is a story amongst itself. I had to parallel that story with my remix, and dang was it hard. It came out good though.

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