"Cohen’s 8-Bit Masterpiece"

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Bioshock (PS3)Composer: Garry Schyman
Star Spangled Chips
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Like so many others, I adore the Cohen's Masterpiece theme from Bioshock. Not only is it excellent compositionally, with a unique and rich chord structure, but it also serves as an actual plot point of the game, which is really awesome. Ever since hearing it I'd toyed with the idea of arranging, but, was also scared by the prospect... I mean, how do you take an exceptionally well-written piece for the piano and do it justice with electronics? But when the notion of making this EP chip driven, well, I started to imagine how it would sound as a NES piece. And then, as insane as it was, the idea wouldn't let go. Kinda like in that movie Inception.

In the end, it was painstaking and very difficult to pull off, but the end result is rather fun. Original by Garry Schyman.

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