"Ghost Circus"

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Oddly enough, the first pass of this composition was developed during a one or two-houro compo on EFNet #trax. I wanted to see if I could make a waltz. It was some time later, at Purchase College, that the decision was made to expand the tune into a full chamber ensemble piece. And... wow, I'm glad I did.

An interesting thing happened in college. My compositions were popular. In a school where various composition students had the bare minimum in the audience, I had a full house. And it wasn't just because of this track, it was a combination of things, but still... people liked this one. I formed a group of performers that ended up playing this in a variety of concert settings, among other things. One fellow student even used it in a play, and I had the opportunity to see an entire stage of performers (humans, not ghosts) actually waltz to it!

Additionally, on a much older version of Mazedude.com, many many years ago, I showcased this piece and it caught the attention of Mustin. It was an eye-opener for him, got him to notice a young Mazedude in his early stages of development, and ultimately led to a friendship, him selecting me to join The Bad Dudes, and more. If not for those connections, my remixer growth would have been very different for sure.

That said, I hope you enjoy Ghost Circus.

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