"Slick Rippin Keen"

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Commander Keen 5 (PC)Composer: Robert Prince
The American Album
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Commander Keen! Man, I loved those games. Especially 4 and 5. "Goodbye Galaxy" to me stands out the most, due to its outer space setting, its quirky robot villains, and yes, the music.

Stylistically, this mix is a tribute to a great tracker who I admired while growing up. He calls himself Mick Rippon. You can see that the title of this track is a bit of a play on his name. Elements of his tracks "Maximalism," "Stealth Fairy," and many others are woven throughout this tune. Using mostly Mick's own samples, I did my best to emulate his tracking style and appropriately enhance what was probably the coolest track from Commander Keen 5 at the same time. I think I pulled it off pretty well; I really enjoy listening to this one.

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