"Sines of Honor"

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Medal of Honor (PC)Composer: Michael Giacchino
Star Spangled Chips
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This one happened more in the way where I had a genre in mind, in that I wanted to do a piece entirely with sine waves... but couldn't quite figure out what track to tackle. And another part of my brain wanted to remix something by Michael Giacchino, and I thought that going back to the first Medal of Honor soundtrack might be a good tribute... and then hey, both parts of my brains met, and came up with this.

This was... hard. Very, very hard... kinda at the point where it was challening to even sit down and work on it. I knew that I wanted it to start slow and peaceful, like the original, and then as the original progressed in intensity, I wanted the sine genre to increase in insanity... so, the piece starts out with basic sine leads, chords, even a sine drum roll... and by the end... well, I don't want to give anything away, but I'll throw out a few teaser words here, like "funk", "swing", "solos"... all staying true to the original, of course. :)

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