"Revelation 64"

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Myst IV (PC)Composer: Jack Wall
Star Spangled Chips
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Way back when I was gearing up to do the original American album, Mustin said I should check out the works of Jack Wall, at that time and up and coming game composer. And, one of the very first pieces I heard by him was the main theme to Myst IV: Revelation. I was really impressed. This one piece fuses electronics, with orchestra, with Bulgarian-inspired vocal works... in 7/4 time! Not just a difficult fusion, but clearly a sign that the guys knows his stuff. I've always wanted to remix it, but again, how can I compete? Then this happened, I thought that this would be fun to do as a C64 mix, and... here it is. :)

I do go just a little off the original here by bringing in some funky bass and swing, but no crazy solos or anything. And the original was... long, so I didn't have a ton of wiggle room either way, heh.

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