"The Fallout of Eli"

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Fallout 3 (PS3)Composer: Inon Zur
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This mix was months in the making, and was inspired by the soundtrack to "The Book of Eli." Great movie, in my opinion. And the soundtrack was excellent. And since the style and environment of the movie reminded me so strongly of Fallout 3, I thought it might be fun to fuse the two and make a remix of the game in the style of the movie soundtrack.

Then of course, it got heavier than originally planned, and being Mazedude, I ran with it. But I didn't run alone; this time I brought on friend a fellow musician Brynner Agassi, who is a drummer that also does industrial music production. So, here we have my first co-op on OCR! Brynner provided a lot of the sounds, performed the live percussion, and helped me piece everything together. The end result is a very different mix, was certainly a very different process for me, and all in all I dig the results. I did try bringing in the crazy and wacky Mazedude synths, but they really didn't work in this case.

Brynner's Notes - "When it came time for the samples to be used in the song, I really tried to match what desired the feel for the remix was going to be, and that was a real industrial/electro showcase of sound and song, since the original version focused in more on an overall orchestral feel. The ideas we had envisioned were pretty clear, and playing around with the effects was fun because I played a lot with different distortions and fuzz effects in order to get the desired sounds. As for the drumming, I had envisioned very hard, straight forward, and all over dynamic feel for the parts."

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