"Dig This Fossil"

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Final Fantasy IX (PS1)Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart
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As highschool was coming to a close for me (graduating class of Hannibal High School, 1998) and college began, a movie was released that I really enjoyed. Blade. Vampires, martial arts, Wesley Snipes (who I later ran into during my brief stunt career in LA, actually), what's not to enjoy? And weirdly, there's a party scene in that movie where there is just this really... chill... music that kicks in. I hunted the track down, and it turned out to be "Dig This Vibe" by DJ Krush, who I was unfamiliar with at the time. Looking more into his work, I really became a fan. I'd heard trip-hop before, but to me this guy just defined the genre with his sound.

Fast-forward to 2015, and I'm invited into the Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart project. Since I'd never played the game, the chance to pick a track to arrange was (this time) less about the nostalgia, and more about the fun that could be had exploring a genre. And I remembed DJ Krush, and how I'd always wanted to do a stylistic homage and try my hand and some of the trip-hop stuff. So here it is, not a tracker homage but a nod to a different artist. In fact, most of the sounds you'll hear in the remix were actually deliberately sampled from his work, mainly from the album "Jaku." I even left some of the sounds deliberately dirty, considering the genre.

Hopefully this serves as an adequate rendition of the "Fossil Roo" theme; fans of the game will have to let me know.

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