"Opening to Hell"

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Doom 2 (PC)Composer: Robert Prince
The American Album
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Oddly enough, at one point I was considering how to arrange each and every track from Doom 2. The game had a tremendous amount of nostalgia for me, there was a lot of potential for styles to tackle (considering many of the themes were on the simpler side), and frankly, my Doom 2 tracks seemed to be pretty popular. The part of me that likes that latter aspect was apt to pursue it, but really that's only a small draw for me, considering.

That said, The American Album has a few Robert Prince tracks in there, and when considering how to end the album it seemed like a good opportunity for a final, epic Doom 2 remix to close out the project. What better way to do it than to showcase the final, epic track from the game itself? I tell ya, the original is so... weird... but perfect. When you first start the level the sine wave really throws you for a loop, but then as the intensity builds, it makes sense and works perfectly for the level. I thought it would be fun to take that concept and really ratchet it up a few notches in the process.

For fun, I called on some friends to lend their voices to my exploration of the hellish soundscape. Amidst the screams you'll hear the vocal stylings of Mustin, Kassi, Erik Owen, and myself of course.

I may someday re-explore this theme will real guitars and more polish on the production, but for now, depsite the darkness, I hope you enjoy the track for what it is!

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