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The Remixer
  The Mazedude  
Christopher Lee Getman, aka Mazedude, has been involved with music his entire life. A trombone player in his youth, Chris was a member of every music group available - concert band, jazz, dixieland, orchestra, and more. His exposure to and involvement in such a wide variety of ensembles helped him understand the inner workings of countless genres and styles, not to mention instrumentations and blendings.

In direct parallel, Mazedude grew up with video game music, in more ways than one. At age 4 his parents bought an Atari, and Christopher's education began. Next was Nintendo. Then SNES. On one hand, the music was evolving - and on the other hand, Mazedude was growing up. Amidst his endless hours at the Nintendo, he was learning how to write music, starting to understand how it all worked, and also starting to define who he was as a human being.

With the advent of audio cassette recording, Mazedude used to record game music straight from the TV onto tapes, so he could listen to the songs whilst away from the games. The themes of Rygar, Super Dodge Ball, and more became a soundtrack not only to Getman's entertainment, but to his study, to his schooling, and to his daily activities. When all his friends were listening to Metallica and the newest radio pop craze, Mazedude was listening to River City Ransom.

At age 15 Mazedude discovered the art of tracking, and was immediately hooked. Over time, his interest in trombone performance started to fade, and his interest in composing blossomed. When the time came to choose a major for college, Christopher picked music composition, in order to refine, perfect, and explore his skills. However, it was during college that he started to realize that he had much more of a knack for creating styles, than compositions. When asked to write a piano solo, the result would be somewhat unremarkable; but when asked to fuse a string quartet with techno, for example, the result would blow away everything else.

One day a friend of his asked him to make a Chrono Trigger remix, and everything clicked. Through the remixing and arrangement of video game music, Mazedude was able to explore and invent an endless array of styles, genres, and fusions. At the same time, it was a dive into the nostalgia of the game music that he grew up with, a nod and a tribute to the composers and developers of these early games, and though he didn't realize it at the time, it was the opening of a door to a whole new world - a subculture of video game music fans just like himself.

Via his friends and fellow trackers Chris Hampton (Beek) and Jake Kaufman (Virt), Mazedude was introduced to Overclocked Remix. It was a shock and a pleasure for Mazedude to see that not only was he no longer alone as a remixer, but that there was a whole community of fans that would eagerly listen to, comment on, and support his creations. Mazedude had found his niche at last.

Before long Mazedude had established himself as a veteran remixer, and watched the scene grow as did his friendships and connections. When KFSS Studios was launched, Mazedude was invited into the team. When OneUp Studios was founded via the likes of Mustin, Dale North, and others, Mazedude was welcomed with open arms.

Over the years, Mazedude continued to remix, although much of his time was taken over by work in the movie business, among other things. Considering his unique voice, he had only made sporadic appearances on the various tribute albums that were being developed, his tracks tending to stand alone as quality, yet "oddball" pieces.

The American Album has been a source of pride and joy for Mazedude. To be the first remixer to ever create such a tribute, to be the sole force behind the music created, and to have the support of a world of fans and colleagues built up over the years, it has been a true honor for Christopher Lee Getman. He has poured his heart and soul into this project - and though it may sound cliche - his only wish it that you enjoy listening to the music as much as he has enjoyed making it.



The Album