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The Feedback

The E-Mail

I welcome any and all comments regarding the American Album. Just use this form.

Once the music is released, I'll be posting my favorite quotes below. :)


The Quotes

"I'm blown away by the amount of work Mazedude put into this project. Every single piece of work is great and works as a fantastic tribute the composers, any ideas/composers emulated, and to video game music as a whole. I'm proud to say I've been there since day one when Mazedude started the project and I'm incredibly excited to see it completed! Support game music and support Mazedude!" - Mustin of OneUp Studios

"I LOVE what you’ve done. First the Wheels of Wonder reminds me of my all-time favorite band from the 70’s – Genesis – before all the Phil Collins pop crap made it’s way into their sound. Just great stuff. Love the groove. Just excellent. I’m VERY flattered. Then the Exile theme. Wow. Amazing. If I ever wanted to hear what it would’ve sounded like 20 years ago... A great perspective. Love it." - Jack Wall

"Amazing stuff. Mazedude shows us why he's one of the most creative and versatile musicians in the scene. Shows us? Hell, he pounds it into our system with a hammer. I've listened to this all day - it's quality, it's quirky, it's Mazedude. Much love for the American composers! " - Mythril Nazgul

"This is great!!!" - Tommy Tallarico

"I almost had an orgasm." - Xerxes

"Thanks Mazedude! I love remixes. ;)" - Jeremy Soule

"Wow. I'm very impressed." - Alexander Brandon

"Your album is sweet." - Tim Ekkebus of X-Strike Studios

"Mazedude's craftsmanship is really insanely creative at this point of his game. This is so professional it makes me jealous :P" - ktriton

"It's all incredible. Love this project." - Tim Yarbrough of the OneUps

"Ah, PC remixes! And from the grand master no less... a dream come true." - Amayirot Akago

"You are just totally amazing!" - Kayll

"It is magnificent." - Unforgiving Edges

"t3h R0XZ0R!" - Hina

"Very well done. The world needs more good music." - Odin

"Mazedude is the only one capable of a tribute like this." - Whitefire Gambit

"Wow. Just... wow." - Rodan

"I like 'em all." - John Romero

"Thanks." - Peter McConnell

"Classic Mazedude at his finest! Awesome job, I love it all!" - Cyan_Ide

"Makes me want to run up to the nearest homeless person, give him $30 and say, 'YOU BUY YOURSELF SOME INTERNETS AND DOWNLOAD THIS WONDERFUL TRIBUTE TO AMERICAN VIDEO GAME COMPOSERS!' ...yes I will yell at him in all caps." - EazyP

"Fantastic work Chris, just way too cool man! You're one super talented artist, and creator to the max! Keep up the great work, you're on a roll big time." - Erik "Wildcat Walks in Wind" Sevilla

"Awesome work bro!!" - McVaffe

"The album sounds great! nice job!!!" - Rob Grad

"WOW this is cool. What a huge effort and amount of work an talent, and you're an innovator in the field... you MADE the field. :)" - Vanna Bonta

"A remix project that never drops below fantastic, whether it be the mellow sounds of Glow Worm Jim, the upbeat retro sounds of Slick Rippin Keen, the soundtrack-like sound of Wheels of Wonder or the creepy as hell Opening to Hell. Pure awesomeness from start to finish." - Gerkinman

"Ever since hearing 'Barrels of Fun' back in 2002, Mazedude has always impressed me with his ability to fuse together styles, instruments, effects, and overall swank in creating his remixes. Definitely an icon of the community, Mazedude deserves all the recognition he can possibly get." - Bill Koch

"Darn fine work! One of the best videogame tribute albums to date and defindely must for all the videogame generation. I sure hope there will be a Volume 2 some day!" - Necrophilissimo of Soundtracknotes

"This is just plain amazing Mazedude! Keep it up with those low-tech synths." - Shiroxetas

"Quality recording and sounds, great music, and great games to take them from. Congratulations, can't wait for Volume 2." - Dontcareaboutmyid of Tinfoil Music

"You rock, Mazedude! I've been pining for some Myst remixes for years, and to finally get any at all is a dream come true. I'm telling you, this project belongs in the Smithsonian!" - Nintyaddict