The American Album

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The Concept

The concept for the American Album came about one night via a conversation between Mazedude and Mustin. They were discussing the lack of Mazedude mixes on various OneUp Studios albums, and were trying to figure out a way to remedy that. Mazedude suggested that he do a "Tribute to Robert Prince," almost jokingly, based on the notion that he's done so many Doom 2 remixes. But then the idea stuck. Mustin suggested, "why only tribute Robert Prince, when you could also tribute other American composers, like Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall? They've never had a tribute made for them either!" ... and the American Album was born, some night in the Spring of 2004.

After all, haven't there been enough tributes made to the Japanese guys?

Considering Mazedude is in many ways the "All-American" mixer, it was only appropriate that he be the one to spearhead the album. So away he went - planning, listening, researching, and listening some more. It wasn't too long after that he had the distinct pleasure of meeting Tallarico in person, among others - and wouldn't ya know it - they loved the idea. They even started to request their personal favorites that they would like to see remixed. Now for Mazedude, having grown up with their music in the background of his life, this was very exciting.

An Online Album ... ?

Originally the plan was to make this an album via OneUp Studios, to be licensed and commercially released for sale. Mazedude would coordinate it, Mustin would take care of the legal stuff, and a handful of other remixers would sign on board to help Mazedude with the music. But then we hit a few snags.

First, there was the undeniable fact that because Mazedude's style is so unique, it would be very hard to mix it with that of other remixers. The solution? To have Mazedude do all the remixes, of course. A simple answer... but one that took a very long time.

Then, there was the sad-but-true awareness that "the album process" is more trouble than it's worth these days. After all, the composers don't make any money off of the music - the game companies do. That, and it costs a heck of a lot of money to print a couple thousand copies up. And finally, there's the issue that no one wants to pay money for CDs these days, especially if it's music they haven't heard before.

So we offer the solution. We release the album online for free, and Mazedude will take donations. You can listen to everything first, decide if you like it, and then if you're willing and able, you can do the honorable thing and send Mazedude a few bucks via the Internet to let him know how much you enjoy his hard work. You can even download the artwork and burn yourself a CD if you want, how's that?

And best of all, the American Composers are still tributed, and now even more people can enjoy the music. Everyone wins.

The First of its Kind

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This is the first ever tribute to the American Video Game Music Composers. I'm very proud of that, and it has been an honor creating these remixes. For them, for you, and for me. Enjoy.




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