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The Special Edition

So why release a Special Edition?

Well, here's the story. I had recently completed "The American Album," with a good deal of success, recognition, and appreciation. The composers I tributed were sending their compliments, the fans were happy, and I was pleased in that I had finally reached my goal of creating the first ever tribute to the American Composers.

Then talk began of another version of the album. Perhaps a Volume 1.5, with just a few new tracks, so that it could be sold... Perhaps a whole new album, tributing the composers I missed the first time around... Perhaps a more open remix project, where I would oversee the thing, but include several other musicians in the remixing process... and so on. They were all good ideas in their own regard, and still undecided as to what to do, I began writing again.

But then, I had second thoughts. Not only did I have much less time to work on music, but I wasn't really diggin' my new mixes. They just didn't have the same spirit as the first batch. I felt like I was just churning out a sequel, without the heart and ambition that started me off on the whole project. After all, I had already done what I set out to do, right? I set out to make a one-of-a-kind tribute, and I had done so. Why do it again?

But, so as not to waste what I had made, I decided to do what everyone seems to do with DVDs these days - release a Special Edition! The idea in itself was a little silly, but it did offer me a chance to release the new work, complete with Bonus Material (and re-release of all the mixes in lossless audio formats).

All in all, I'm rather tired of working on massive remix projects. I'd really like to just finish this puppy, wash my hands of the whole thing, and go back to releasing one mix at a time, just for fun, whatever I feel like writing. And so I release the Special Edition. I hope you enjoy it.

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The New Music

*Note*- All broken links fixed as of 10/29/09

(Click here to Download the Original 15 Mixes - Now Available in OGG Format!)

The Completed Mixes

1. "The Great Tentacle Pianist" - MP3 / OGG


When people ask me what my favorite game soundtracks are, one of the ones I list right away is "Day of the Tentacle." The end result of Peter McConnell, Michael Land, and Clint Bajakian working together on such a wacky and zany game is nothing short of genius. I absolutely love all the music in this game. So much so, that I find it very difficult to tribute. But, I really wanted to do it for this album, so here it is.

I've had many people request that I do a purely piano game arrangement. This is my way of honoring that request. Plus, I just love the mental imagery of a tentacle playing the piano.

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2. "More than MoN" - MP3 / OGG


You may recognize this theme. In fact, you should, considering I already remixed it. Yes, this is the "MC Rock" theme from Global Gladiators, which I have already released as "Rockin' the Andes," redone yet again here, in a completely different style.

When I started the remix originally, I started it a couple different ways, undecided as to how to finish it. Originally I went ahead and finished it in South American fusion, as you heard previously. But, after the fact, I really loved what I had started here in Maniacs of Noise style, so I wanted to finish it. Personally, I like the way this version came out much better.


3. "Carvosity" - MP3 / OGG


This is actually one of the first mixes I started for the album. Tommy Tallarico did an interesting job turning the Bond music into videogame tunage, and I rather liked the opportunity to tackle the Bond theme myself.

In the end, I didn't include this in the original album because it felt like I stretched a bit too much. This is, after all, a remix of a remix.


The New Artwork

The Jewel Case Insert

"Uncle Mazedude" concept by Lou Klein, Artwork by Lou Klein and Necrophilisimo.

(Right-Click and "Save Target As" to download the full resolution JPG files to your hard drive.)


The Disc


You may notice I didn't include a back tray graphic. Well, that's because with new mixes added to the project, not only will they not all fit on one CD, but you are now welcome to order them any way you would like to, and include only the mixes you like, and so on. But - here's the full "Uncle Mazedude" graphic, and Poster version, if you'd like them.

*Note* - Depending on your software, you may need to convert the images from JPG into TIF or BMP for printing.

All images are at 300 dpi. If anyone has any problems printing, or any other questions, just let me know.


The Bonus Features

The Remixer Commentary

"Glow Worm Jim" - with Commentary by Mazedude - Download the MP3

(Right-Click and "Save Target As" on the link to download the MP3 to your hard drive.)

What's this? Commentary? Hehe, yep. Why not? Listen to me talk my way through a rather long remix, discussing my methods, answering questions that I get asked all the time, the history of the track, and more.


The Unused Sketches

I release these as a way of showing everyone that there is a LOT of writing that goes on that no one ever hears. Each of these sketches could be a full remix if I ever wanted to take the time the finish them. But, for each one of them, there is a reason it was never finished. Either I ended up writing something I thought was better, I ran out of ideas, or I simply got tired of working on it. Perhaps you'll enjoy them for the sketches they are. A mini-album, in a sense.

If I get enough fan response that a particular mix should definitely be finished, I'll consider it.

(Right-Click and "Save Target As" on the links to download them to your hard drive.)

"Archvyle" - a Doom 2 (Robert Prince) Sketch - Download the MP3 / OGG

"Funkiscope" - a 7th Guest (Fat Man) Sketch - Download the MP3 / OGG

"Prosthetic Sole" - an Escape from Monkey Island (Michael Land) Sketch - Download the MP3 / OGG

"Silent Jade" - a Jade Empire (Jack Wall) Sketch - Download the MP3 / OGG

"Sining" - an Earthworm Jim 2 (Tommy Tallarico) Sketch - Download the MP3 / OGG

"Stauf 64" - a 7th Guest (Fat Man) Sketch - Download the MP3 / OGG

"Stauf Never Sleeps" - a 7th Guest (Fat Man) Sketch - Download the MP3 / OGG

"Zombies in Space" - a Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Joe McDermott) Sketch - Download the MP3 / OGG


And that's that! I'm done. Stay tuned for more single releases, and Mazedude work to appear in various upcoming movie soundtracks.



The Album