* NEWS FLASH FOR JULY 4, 2016!!! *

The official sequel "American Pixels" is now live on Kickstarter for the final fundraising push; check it out!

American Pixels, by Mazedude

(Ok, read on to enjoy the original American Album.)


the Album the Music the Composers the Remixer the Artwork the Feedback please Donate

After all, haven't there been enough tributes made to the Japanese guys?



Mazedude presents

"The American Album"

Remix Project


click above to enter











Man, it's been years since I've updated this page... let's see... what else is new... well, my wife launched a jewelry website worth checking out, the Bad Dudes have a new website and new albums... Flash sites are supposedly going out of style but I'm still absolutely swamped with work making them... I dunno, I'd be surprised to see people still finding this very old site and rather old project, but it's still here, so ya never know.
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